Which network is best to choose, depending on the type of mattress?

5 Mar

The best thing would be to rely on the advice of the manufacturer of the mattress itself that, if it does not produce it in the first person, usually suggests the most suitable model to favor the correct use of the ‘bed system’ and guarantee its maximum durability . In general, the best network for latex mattresses is that of adjustable slats in the lumbar region, with thin slats; while the most suitable for memory models is with wide fixed slats or with narrow slats; the spring mattress, on the other hand, ‘works’ best on a wooden or one-piece slatted base.

What is the best mattress for a growing teenager?

For a growing boy, I always recommend to focus on medium-hard mattresses, which protect the back from non-orthopedic positions. On the other hand, Macys mattresses called ‘with differentiated lift’, which are designed for an adult body, should be avoided.

And for an over 65

If you are not in the presence of physical problems that force to the lodging, the same indications are valid that for any adult. In the case of personal needs, it is advisable to refer them clearly to the retailer of trust.

Is the topper (overlay) useful?

The padded mattress is usually 4-5 cm high, which is sometimes overlapped on the normal mattress, performs various functions. It can increase the softness effect of the mattress, protects it from stains and wear and increases perspiration. And it helps to hold together two single mattresses, even with different characteristics, to recreate the effect of a much more comfortable double bed.

How long is a mattress?

The most durable, with the same conditions of conservation and use, are those with traditional springs, which on average operate well up to 12 years.

Those with independent springs and those in Memory have an average life of 8/10 years (in the second case it varies depending on the quality of the foam used). Latex models can begin to decompose after 7/8 years (but it depends a lot on how and how much they are exposed to heat and humidity).