How You Can Choose the Latex Mattress?

5 Mar

The latex mattress is often considered as the best choice in case of dust mite allergy , being a type of mattress that does not allow the absorption of dust and mites that it can carry with it from the material with which it is realized. On the contrary, it is not suitable for those who have problems with latex allergies. The latex allergy is normally related to natural latex. In this case you could opt for a latex mattress covered in the upper layer by the memory foam adjustable air mattress.


The different types of mattress (spring, zone, latex, memory foam, etc.) can have different levels of rigidity. A more rigid mattress is indicated to support individuals with a higher weight and greater rigidity could guarantee in this case a longer duration of the product over time. An excessively soft mattress may not provide the spine with the necessary support. There are mattresses of medium stiffness, variable according to the materials of manufacture, which could represent a good compromise in some cases. The softer mattresses are considered suitable for children and the elderly, as well as for lighter people.


It is good, when buying the mattress, to ask for advice regarding the most suitable network to combine with it. The coupling between the network and the mattress would not be taken for granted at all. In the case of thinner mattresses, the network is more stressed and should therefore be more rigid. From the same point of view, it is also good to select a network with adjustable rigidity, so you can adapt it to the mattress at your disposal as well as your needs.


Beware of scams and commercial finds. The “biomaterace” does not actually exist. According to what criteria could a mattress be defined as “bio”? The Consumer Protection Center informs us how the “bio” attribute can only be used for food and only when these meet the European requirements for organic farming, appropriately certified by an authorized inspection body. This attribute cannot therefore be applied to other categories of products (unless they have food quality).